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                Changzhou Hengda Biotechnology Co., Ltd.founded in 2007, its predecessor is Taixin New Chemicals Co. Ltd., .In March 2014 , the company was reorganized into Changzhou Hengda Biological Technology Co., ltd.. The company takes the technology as the center, takes the medicine, the pesticide intermediate and the fine chemical product production primarily, sets the product development and the production as a whole.
                The company invested and established its own production plant in chizhou, anhui province in December 2016: chizhou wanwei chemical co., LTD. From 2017 to 2019, we have established our own cooperative production bases in shandong, jiangxi, shanxi and other factories. The company's r&d center covers an area of about 2000 m2, among which changzhou r&d headquarters covers an area of 1200 m2. There are 22 r&d personnel with bachelor degree or above, including1doctors and 2 masters (including 1 MBA1).The production base covers an area of about 40000m2, among which chizhou wanwei chemical co., LTD is about 23000m2. Currently, there are 150 employees, including 20 managerial personnel and more than 50 professional and technical personnel.
                The main products of the company include: 1500 tons of diethyl maleate, 300 tons of o-nitrobenzaldehyde, 200 tons of o-nitrobenzoic acid, 200 tons of p-nitrobenzaldehyde, 200 tons of m-hydroxybenzaldehyde, 200 tons of 2, 3-dichloro-1, 4-naphthoquinone, 800 tons of Allyl isoamyl glycolate. And 200 tons of isopropyl nitrate, 300 tons of methyl bromacetate.
                Since the founding of the company, adhere to market leading, policy oriented, give full play to their technical superiority, and focus on the development of investment products, rich product structure, has formed with aldehydes, esters and heterocyclic products based system; formed by the fine synthesis of nitration, oxidation, heterocyclic, separation tower as the key technology specialty. Provide fine chemicals from grams to tons. The company pays great attention to intellectual property rights and owns many patents, and fully protects its own R & D achievements and ensures better service to its customers.
                “ to quality as life, to innovation as the soul ” is our aim. “ customer needs is what we need ” it is our consistent policy, provide us with quality products at the same time, we look forward to cooperate in contract manufacturing and custom synthesis, technology transfer and other fields, and we look forward to become your best partner in China.

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